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Reality Control

Field "A" in the chessboard is the very same gray tone as field "B"

This phenomenon appears because we know from experience that a chessboard is composed of white and black fields alternating. So, the white field "has to" be brighter than the black one - at least, this assumption is constructed by our brain.

In reality, by means of a simple contrasts effect, field "A" was drawn in exactly the same gray tone as field "B". Check by moving the curser over the illustration. If you reply by stating "this is an optical illusion only" it would be just half the truth.

It is much more than just an "optical illusion"; it is a deception of the entire information processing of our brain. This image is only one of many possible demonstrations in the optical field. The phenomenon shown is very common in all areas of life, but it is usually not as obvious as it is here, leading to far-reaching consequences and misjudgments in all areas of human interaction and communication.