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Advisor to and / or ghostwriter and speechwriter for politicians (e.g. for the Vice Chancellor of a State of the European Union), for top officials (e.g. for the President of a European patent office), for a board member of a Fortune 500 Company (details on request) and for board members of corporate groups in various fields.

- Business Philosophy

- Business Psychology

- Scientific Advisory

- Psychology of Security


Doctorates in both Theory of Science (Epistemology) and Psychology, graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria, Institute of Theoretical Science (Institut für Wissenschaftstheorie, Sensengasse) and Institute of Psychology, 1995. Doctorate supervisors Herbert Pietschmann, Franz Wuketits, Erich Vanecek, Erich Kirchler, philosophical thesis advisor Konrad Paul Liessmann, completed university seminars with Norbert Leser and Viktor E. Frankl.

Interview 2014: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/kunst-ist-inspiration-für-sozialen-fortschritt-jim-liogy

Keynote address 2016: Bratislava (pdf 424 Kb)


Activities in Design, Music, Photography and Keynote Speaking alias “JIM LIOGY”

LIOGY lounge furniture brand featured as "Video of the day" with US TrendHunter Magazine in January 2012 and tweeted by Jeremy Gutsche. LIOGY LOUNGER featured in the book "Human Centered Product Design and Ergonomics” (release date autumn 2017)

Trademarks and Design Patents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office: LIOGY, Registration Number 3892882, MASTERDREAM PRODUCTIONS, Registration Number 4058334, Design Patent Numbers US D644,033 S, US D644,034 S, US D643,637 S, US D643,638 S, and registered Trademarks and /or Design Patents in countries on 5 continents including China, Russia, India, Australia, Canada, EU, Norway, Monaco, Hong Kong.